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Review: Moon Chronicles

Moon Chronicles
Moon was a game for the Nintendo DS, inspired by Metroid Prime Hunters.
Now, it was remade for the 3DS with improved visuals, sound, and of course stereoscopic 3D. I just bought the game and played it to its given end in an hour. Now I come to collect my thoughts and ask myself, was it worth it?


This game was inspired around the stylus-based controls of Prime Hunters. One need only slide their stylus along the bottom screen to move the in-game cursor. The other hand is positioned over the circle pad and the shoulder button, used for movement and firing respectively. Unlike in Hunters, you cannot jump. Of course, alternate controls schemes are available should one be left-handed or prefer moving with the D-pad alone.

For a brief time you take control of a moon-buggy and ride on the surface of the moon, searching for another hatch into the facility. The Buggy controls very weirdly, as backing up only works depending on your camera angle, and bumping into walls will constantly make the buggy think it has stopped and it will prompt you to exit the vehicle, replaying the same beeping noise. This was a minor annoyance.

Moving along with the game's story, the player descends into the depths of a facility found on the moon and fights their way through the corridors. Unfortunately... the enemies included are limited to floating objects that fire beams at you. Though there is a bit of variety for these creatures, only their firing pattern truly changes, making it rather repetitious in an unenjoyable way. The only true variety is found in the boss-battles and the all too short moon-buggy mission.

The looming mystery of the bases' origins and the journal logs scattered across the facility do give the story depth, and I was very willing to get to the bottom of the mystery... until the game's run ended and the momentum was killed.

==Final Thoughts==

When I heard that Renegade Kid, popular indie dev, was planning a first-person game for the 3DS, I decided that would be on my list of things to buy. Then I heard that this project was in fact a remake of his Moon game, I was a little disappointed, but still willing to buy. My real doubts came when I heard that it would be released episodically. For nine dollars you get the game, and then for another two (presumably by suggestion on their twitter page), you would buy another chapter.
Maybe I was being naive, but I remember reading that the first purchase would contain most of the first game. I was evidently wrong, as the initial purchase gave me only an hour of gameplay, and for nine dollars no less. Upon further inspection, I read that the entirety of the first game will be available in three extra chapters at two dollars each, and a 'Second Season' of new content would be available next year.

I have a bad tendency to shy away from any info of a game I'm playing to make the feeling of experiencing  the game for myself last longer. This time however, I may have been spared a minor nuisance to pay more attention to the fact that this game is terribly short and one click on a review would have warned me that I was spending nearly ten dollars for a game I would play for just over an hour.

==Pros and Cons==
  • Fun, familiar gameplay
  • Interesting Story
  • Graphics aren't very pretty
  • Enemy variety is limited
  • Short Length
  • The occasional quirk with the Moon-buggy
  • DLC System
 Maybe I will buy the subsequent chapters, but I advise other players to check their options before taking the plunge. I would honestly recommend a game from the Virtual Console more than I would this initial release, unless a discount is released or something. Perhaps my disappointment is credit to my own obliviousness, but I am sure other people will wish to buy a game that will be worth more their time. 2/4