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Phantasm Preview

Note: This is only a preview of the draft that is currently in progress. If and when the full story is posted on this site, this page will be replaced. Please do not host on another site without permission.


A man was thrown to the ground. He tried hard not to breathe too hard, lest he give away his waning strength. He was surrounded by two figures. One was his size, perhaps his age, but his true appearance was blocked off by a tattered robe. But there was nothing else to hide. In the low light of Dawn, energy lines shined beneath the robe. This was a Neo-Soldier. And so was his partner, who was three feet taller and that much larger. Red, piercing eyes glared from under the robes and unto the beaten figure on the ground. The smaller one slowly and soundlessly stalked around the beaten man, tsking at their prey. He reached down and pulled the broken man to his feet, with very little effort.
“You lied...!” he hissed as he threw the man down. The man struggled to his feet. “I did not,” he reasoned. “The sarcophagus’ were there! I swear it!” Before he could continue, his enemy drew a staff and struck him to the ground. “They...were...” the Soldier gripped his staff with rage as he finished. “...EMPTY!” The man laughed, and for that he was struck yet again. “WRETCH!” The soldier screeched. “The great one would render you headless for that!” The man only laughed again. “And what makes you so bold as to even say this great one’s name?” he asked. “What did you do? Fetch him the post? Let him use you as a stool? What does he owe to you? What do you even owe to him?!” This time the soldier was too frustrated to attack. “What does this great one even promise you, after taking your humanity and freedom? A better world? What could be better than leaving him?!”
The soldier began to snarl like an animal. The hulking one behind him raised its fist, but the other one pulled it down. “He plans on giving us a better world than this rotting carcass of one! Through any means necessary...” the small one replied. The man smiled. “Yeah, as if he already didn’t do that! Don’t you idiots see it? He plans on rebuilding this world from scratch!” the two remained silent. “This landmass doesn’t count as scratch, these cities, don’t count as scratch! We don’t count as scratch! None of the people in this world, none of the people that help him!”
The man looked up at the hulking one. “Do you think he’s gonna use any of you unlike he already did?!” The hulking one was silent. The smaller one remained silent for a long time. Finally, the soldier drew a bladed weapon from his robe. The man had a start, but the blade was un-activated so he was eased. The soldier drew a small container from the hilt of the blade. The container was small, and contained a glowing liquid. “You don’t know anything more?” he asked. The man shook his head. “Then do you know what this is?” the soldier asked. The man began to grow frightened. “This is a new element that a friend of mine found, I like to call it ‘Azrael’. Does that name sound familiar to you...?” he asked as he drew the vial dangerously close. “This is a disease, and it wiped a whole entire town in a series of days. Do you know how it feels to get hit with this?”
The man began to back away fearfully as the soldier came closer. “First, the body begins to age. Skin pales, eyes cloud, and bones weaken, then the body begins to turn against itself, and those that don’t survive to the final stage die from the sheer shock of it! And finally, hours upon hours of pain and mental turmoil. The only end is to live it out, or to end things yourself...”
“Stop!” the man cried. “I-I know something!” the soldier drew the vial away. “The ruins... one of them was left at the ruins of Springfield! We gave him nothing. He should be easy to retrieve...” the soldier’s eyes lit up with delight. “Very well,” he hissed. “Now you just stay there like a good boy. Don’t go anywhere...”
With that the two turned around and walked away. The man let out a sigh of relief and went limp against the ground. But he could not rest long, for the unmistakable sound of Matrix drones marching sounded in the distance.
The hulking one looked down at his partner as he put the vial back into the weapon. “Duskur...” the large one rumbled. “That Vial... wasn’t Azrael.”
“No, it wasn’t, my friend,” Duskur replied. “But it might as well have been. If he believed it strong enough, he would’ve fallen ill if he didn’t cooperate.” The large one snorted, sending his hood back a little. “Are you going,” it asked. “The enemy?” Duskur shook his head. “No. I will let the drones handle it. If he’s as unarmed as the prisoner says he is, than I don’t need to get my hands dirty.”
“If he lies?” the large one asked. Duskur chuckled. “Then we kill him.”

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  1. Hm. Everything seems to happen very fast here. I didn't really get what happened at the start but towards the end it became a bit more clear. It's probably because I don't know the series... XD But it's far better than anything I could ever do. :)


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