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Back from Ka'nburi. I wasn't feeling peachy when we left, and by nighttime I was as miserable as a few nights back. No chuckin' this time around, though. Turns out I had (maybe still have) indigestion. By the next day I felt better, but not incredibly enthusiastic about eating. On our way back I had a coke on the road (drinking liquid helps), and today I feel so much better...
Despite the fact that a Robinson's opened up in Kanchanaburi (a mall which has an import store for Lego, Gundam and the like), doesn't look like things will be too different this Christmas. Besides the fact that mom bought us some stuff out in the open that she ordered us to forget about until Christmas time, not much Christmas shopping done. Just food, some nets for Dad's work around the house, and candy for the holidays. That's it, and I'm okay with that. There's no way we could've bought and hid a gift in a van with six people inside.
My Indigestion is clearing up, thankfully. Maybe it won't last much longer than the week.
Sonic Dash rules.

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