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Gundam Age OVA

Kay so...

Steve ('finally' he says') found the subbed 'compilation movie' for Gundam Age, which covered roughly the entire second half and mashed the third and fourth in at the last half-hour, in which the story changed perspectives. First it covered the protagonist, then at the last half-hour it covered the deuteragonist/ anti-villain and his nervous breakdown showing things from his point of view during the last few battles, and then ending it with his death scene (which was a good episode away from the finale in the show), with the lines completely changed which in my opinion made him a lot less sympathetic. But then the ending threatened to tug my strings my by having the song from earlier in the film play... sheesh.
There was no Beach scene in the show (ARGH!), and there was no kissing in the show (smaller argh).
Yeaah... I liked the show better. A lot better. At least it verified(?) something that was left outta the show.
Gonna go laze.

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