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Thoughts: SAO

Perhaps the reason I chose SAO to watch was because it seemed more approachable than other Animes on my mind (besides 'mainstream' stuff like Gundam). A bunch of people enter a virtual reality game, and they get stuck inside, and if they die there they die in real life. Seemed simple enough.
It seemed pretty simple at first, unfortunately I wasn't even halfway through the first arc when Japanese tendencies started to show up, 10 being the worst offender in my opinion. It seems to have a good vibe of hope throughout the arc, but when the game finally ends and Kirito wakes up, things are left so ambiguous it almost seems like a downer ending.
As for the second arc, at first I was rather disappointed that they chose to make the real-world look so monochrome. Things started to gain color as the story progressed. Unfortunately, Asuna was reduced to extra/Damsel in Distress, so that was a bit of a bum. And then there's the villain... ugh. Nothing to say.
I understand the Light Novels cover much more virtual worlds than the show covered, but I'm rather glad the Anime chose to stick to just two. When you get past the third or fourth arc you know the story's just getting milked.
Sadly, I can't rate this as highly as I would a Gundam show. Something didn't quite click with me like the other shows I've seen (maybe its the fact that this used to be a Light Novel...) 3/5. Sorry if I offended anybody.
In other news... New Phantasm Chapter. Enjoy.

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