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Technology Strikes Again

My flashdrive fizzled out and died. Again. Good news; anything that wasn't stuck on my now un-writable drive from earlier was already taken off.
I had just won the original Starfox when it decided to die... Well, there goes most of my plans.
The turn of events has taken away some of my writing powers, so the Phantasm date will be bumped up a day or two (or three, no promises).
...So how's everyone else doing?

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  1. I'm doing swell :) sorry I forgot to reply to your email, I keep meaning to but life just keeps getting in the way... Exhibit a - I burst out crying in the middle of music when i got told off for doing something wrong. It wasnt even that bad >_< That's how stressed I am >_<
    Technology sucks, it really does.


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