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God Bless!


Sick Day

Yesterday, my stomach felt like a wad of oncooperative flesh. It didn't feel like anything was being processed. I had a terrible night, and then around 1:40 I had to go downstairs to the bathroom and... well... yeah.
I think I caught a bug that Mom had acquired just the other day. For the first half of the day, I rested, drinking soda to help my stomach feel better. Thankfully, around twelve I felt well enough to get out and about, and by dinner I was able to go out and walk. I still dunno how sick I am, maybe it'll last through tomorrow?
Us getting sick is the only thing keeping us from going up to Kanchanaburi. Hopefully everyone will be doing well enough in a day or two.
I was able to skip most of school, though!
Let's hope everyone feels okay tomorrow.

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