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Guitar Paper

Working on a draft for school. I'm expected to churn out a six-page piece about my subject, which I chose to be the Guitar. I have two-ish pages in, and now I need just four more. Which shouldn't be too hard... I found a documentary that's a boatload of info, so I'm jollily taking notes. Tomorrow I gotta turn those notes into words...
Steve and Sarah went out to play Frisbee (the toy that doomed the cartoon adaption of Nymh), and Steve is apparently a better thrower than Sarah is a grabber... and she got hit in the face... and got a black (read purple) eye. She's doing okay, but yeah... little owchie for her.
I got (another) a new pair of headphones... let's hope these last... did I say that before? At least my Mp4 is lasting! I've had it for about the same time I've had my mp3 and it hasn't broken once!
Just another week till next Phantasm... just realized how that sounded... but yeah. I intend to keep this monthly schedule for now...
The new Zelda game comes out in two weeks... and I bet John is more than willing to buy it. Or Oot3D. Speaking of 3D re-release, I JUST discovered that StarFox 64 3D (mouth-full, that one is) is available for download. ...Ugh... Now that's THREE games I want... Etria first...
Gotta get back to notes...

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