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3DS Away!

My 3DS has been re-bubblewrapped, repackaged, and given to the post-office. So it's technically not out of town yet, but I am yet without my own system officially for the next month or so. Sigh, this tends to happen so I'll just wait patiently. Plus Steve is allowing me to use his 3DS to play X, so that's cool... And now I get to relearn how to appreciate emulation/the games on the computer. And Kindle. And now maybe I'll have more time on my hands.
It cost me 30 dollars to send the package. 950.- That's pretty steep for something that barely weighs a few pounds, and it ain't even priority mail! Sheesh... There's thirty of my $40 emergency gaming bucks spent... then again I guess this a gaming emergency, so...
It's almost time for Dinner and I got to go wrap some stuff up.

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