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Quickie:Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim FilmPoster.jpeg
Go Big or Go Extinct
I first heard of Pacific Rim shortly after we returned to Thailand. All we knew was that it was going to be 'an American movie about giant robots fighting monsters aptly named Kaiju, and will have some elements typical of a Japanese Mecha Story.' First I had a bit of a 'meh' for it, but after watching the first couple trailers when it finally started showing up, I was hooked... though I would've rather watched Man of Steel. We had the chance to watch it last night online, and I thought I'd share my thoughts in another faux-review.
In 2013, giant monsters started surfacing from the Pacific Ocean and quickly laid waste to the world, until the world governments united and created Jaegers (Yeah-gur, German, 'Hunter') to combat the Kaiju (Kai-joo, Japanese, Monster'). For a few years the Jaegers were heroes, and the whole crisis was almost degraded to propaganda, until the Jaegers started losing. After too many losses, the project is shut down and the governments resort to building walls to protect them from Kaiju. Former pilot Raleigh is called upon by former marshal Pentecost to join a team in Hong Kong, still consisting of Jaegers, to defend the coast from Kaijus until the walls are completed. Raleigh is initially unsure of his position, having suffered the loss of his brother from his last time piloting a Jaeger, and his only co-pilot candidate, Mako Mori, has issues regarding the Kaiju of her own and complicates her position.
The small team is getting ready to bomb the Rift; the strange portal at the bottom of the sea where the Kaiju arrive. They need their Jaegers and their pilots ready for the final attack, but the Kaiju are getting bigger and stronger, and they aren't going to wait.
Given this is American work, the usually simple designs of Mecha were thrown out the window in favor of surrealistic robot designs. The cockpits were very complicated, requiring two pilots to pilot the robots, and in fact the sets were so complicated that most actors suffered from pulling at the metal bars and working the robot pedals that made the robots move.
Otachi ConceptOnibaba Profile
Over a hundred Kaiju and Jaegers were designed, but only a few were chosen to appear in the film. The Kaiju were designed to appear alien, but were based off of real-life creatures as well as Kaiju from other media (Raiju was modeled after Gabora from Ultraman, for example), and even some Jaegers had some nods to the other media (Pentecost's former Jaeger was modeled after a robot from the original Gundam show).
What can I say about the 3D visuals specifically, though? It's the 2010s. What else is there to say?
The story is suiting of any anime. The pilots and the team have their own issues to deal with as the Kaiju keep coming. The Kaiju and the Jaegers look amazing. I am an Otaku and this is a movie about giant robots and monsters. I can't help but be biased. The ending theme Drift is pretty cool in itself.
Oh! Oh! There was no Kissing... yes!
Some of the dialogue seemed shallow and typical around the beginning, but it quickly improved. At one point, one of the characters discover that the Kaiju are intelligently sent to Earth, their predecessors being the Dinosaurs. The only reason the Kaiju are being sent now is because the Earth's excess CO2 and polluted seas make it tolerable for them. Yeah... I don't think so.
(Spoiler) I did not like the ick factor when a Kaiju's offspring broke from its mother's corpse. Not at all.
Easily 4/5
The animation was good, the story was well above decent, and it has all sorts of things that a Toku fan would love. Sadly though, it didn't fare too well in Japan.
 Go watch it. Seriously. If you love action and Robots and all the jazz in between, you'll love Pacific Rim.

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