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So... first day of the week, and School isn't too much of a drag! Yet... Anyway, the first day went by okay. All I had to do for math was to write down the answers to a whole bunch of stuff I had to put through a calculator, which I didn't quit know what to do at the time... yeah...
One subject for school that I find really cool (yes, I find a school subject cool, sue me) is Codecademy. I'm going through web-design, but they teach you a bunch of other stuff, like Java and Python. I'm thinking of putting up a site where I can serialize all my stories and artwork (We all know that'll fly), and I'm learning some tricks that'll help a lot.
On another matter, the next chapter of Phantasm is out! You heard me right! Breaking the block really pays off! I put together the opening and closing passages in nearly a day. You be the judge of whether that's impressive or not. I'll try to keep my Tweets and blog posts' publishing dates closer together when they're related so it doesn't seem like I'm repeating my news.
So... enjoy, I guess. I'm going to go watch RWBY. Interesting show, thanks to Chels for directing me to it!

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