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Here's a tip when you've a writer's block; write/type anything you can. It's one of the only surefire ways to work it off. I've been failing... I have well over half of the next Phantasm chapter in text, but I've yet to work out the final phases of piecing it all together, and now all of a sudden I'm worrying if I might've jumped into a cliche... it helps to have brothers to talk to stuff about this. ...It won't be too long before Phantasm hits it's one-year mark... Man I would've loved to have halved that... Once Phantasm is finished (and it will be finished), I'm going to write a paper about all the things that went wrong with Phantasm and all the opportunities I missed with it. Grr...
Me and John just pre-ordered Pokemon X and Y, but then John realized that he could've pre-ordered the new Zelda game instead... He says it's no big deal. They'll probably come in a month. I am out of Thai Baht. Clean out. Not a bill left. I had to pay 1360.- to make up for 43.50, and that cleaned me out. I couldn't even pay the last 70+, and now it's being taken out of my allowance, which is better than scrounging up change, I suppose. I still have a roll of $40, so I'm not like broke or anything. I'll just need to rebuild my stash. Dang 3DS; clearing out the money I had saved for a computer! I think it'll be a bit of a blessing when I have it sent in. I'll have more time to entertain myself like I used to. And I'll re-learn to appreciate emulators.
We're heading to Bangkok in a week or two. Lots of fun to be had there.
Well... Phantasm isn't going to get put together by itself...

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  1. My writers block technique is to go watch anime... Probably not the best :P


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