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Home Again

I have been lazy. Lazy lazy, lazy. We got home just two days ago, and after cleaning up, things have been pretty much normal. ...Except the fact that I broke the screen to Steve's (self-appointed) computer... It's hinges were loose, and while we were clearing out of the place in Chiang Mai, I whacked it and it fell right on its back, and went out. Now Steve's trying to hook it up to a monitor and that's not going too well. Steve's been using the Acer to compensate. He roleplays  a lot on Zelda Dungeon, so he needs to get on several times during the day. Oops X(
He says no hard feelings... (I say this as he holds me at knife-point, BTW)
What else...  The new project by Megaman's Inafune-san, Mighty No.9, has 12 hours to go to completion. If it can make just another 140,00 within those hours, the game's coming to the 3DS. It's already hitting every other console on the market [save the Wii :( ], and Shantae is already funded, but it has 3 days to go. I hope they get their stretch goals done... not that I would be interested.
...Is that it? Pretty much. Back to Awakening. Once I get all the Paralouges done, I'm off to the end.

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  1. Ugh, doesn't it suck when you unintentionally break something? Especially when it isn't yours??
    Ask Steve what kinda role plays he does on ZD - I used to be in an RP group XD good times.


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