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Hallow's Eve

...Sometimes I feel hypocritical when looking for new posts on the blogs I look at when I've been neglecting mine...
The most that's happened was going to visit friends in Bangkok for a week. Haven't posted since. ...Man I feel emotionally exhausted lately.
I've been keeping the month per chapter thing with Phantasm thus far, and I don't intend to stop. But man... I wish I didn't overthink things so much...
It's Halloween isn't it? Perfect. Nothing to show for it. I was hoping to draw a picture of Duskur or some other Devilkin (they're all Halloween-worthy pieces of work), but alas, I art lazy. I probably will put Phantasm on hold again after this chapter so I can rethink things a little now that I have no number-restraint... that's probably what killed my ideas in the first place.
Me and the others are watching the old (old) Phantom of the Opera tonight. The old ones are always better. It's true with movies and Video-Games alike. And I'm going to be playing Castlevania. ...The old one. Which I think is an awesome game, by the way.
...Has my imagination dwindled so that even my Blog posts are boring?
Happy Halloween.

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  1. Not only your imagination, my friend. I neglected the blog because life has just been insane recently and I barely have enough time to think. It's getting to crunch time, and it's a little daunting. >_<
    Good to see you're alive, I started to worry :P


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