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So... playing my 3DS for the last few times before I send it to Nana's, so she can send it to Nintendo to get that download issue fixed, and I decided I'd finish Fire Emblem Awakening before that time came. One more paralouge... dang that thing is hard.
Oh, and a tip to future Awakening owners; don't enlist spotpass/DLC characters, or any skills/weapons of the such into your StreetPass team, or your pass will appear as a randomly generated character. I finally figured this out after I asked around (thank you Zelda Dungeon). Me and Steve tried streetpassing and fighting eachother, but we always ended up with randomly generated characters. Now that'll be fixed.
Pokemon X and Y due in just a week, and I'm gonna pre-order X. I won't be able to play it though until my 3DS comes back, which will probably be well over a month later.
My Xbox controller is still being used. I still emulate older games that my 3DS can't play. Virtua Fighter is interesting.
Since today is Friday, me and the others hope to get some work on Lozoot done. John and Steve volunteered typing in some parts since apparently I'm too slow at doing it... but I'm worried about the constant drops in feel of the read that will cause. Any suggestions?
I'm off to do other stuff for now. Pizza's almost done, so we'll eat soon.

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  1. Give them a shot :) ask them to try and mimic your style, and if that doesn't work out as planned, well, it's not like the time was entirely wasted?
    Well, at least you have a definite date on your 3DS's return....*sniffles* still haven't found it!
    "Cause I stiiiiiill, haven't fooooound, what I'm looking for~"


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