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Fire Emblem Awakening Conquered!

And all it took was about a month. I tweeted about it earlier, but I decided to make a post anyway.
The finale was very touching, but I don't wanna spoil. The way you grow attached to your units and see what happens at the end is very touching. Of course, I still have over $30 worth of DLC left to take care of, so I'm not resetting my file any time soon. I hear the game uses Nintendo Network, but I haven't seen anything about online capabilities yet. Would be cool to fight with a guy's army from across the globe.
Pokemon X will be arriving in about a month (+), so maybe I'll have my 3DS shipped there and back before I get the game :D And then there are two games on the eShop I want... $40 each. Dang this 3DS, daring me to suck up my money!
I'm off to a walk for now. I'll get some work done on Phantasm when I get back.

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