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On the Road Again...

Tomorrow, we will shove off to Chiang Mai for my dental check up, and to get our ninety days done. It'll be three hours to Kanchanaburi, we'll probably sleep there, and then another eight hours to Chiang Mai. I have decided to wait until we get home to ship my 3DS to America to get it fixed. My only true worry is whether I'll be able to ship it in time to get Pokemon X (yes, I'm probably getting that).

And the whole while, we'll have like no School. :P We get to wait two weeks until we start our next Core, and until then, all we have is Biology. Luvvin it! It's been going on ever since Monday actually, I just forgot to mention it.

Also, as I forgot to mention yesterday, there is a new chapter of Phantasm! This time it's at average length. The link is here. ...Sigh, honestly I think the quality has deteriorated a bit.

So... is that all? ...Yep, about it. I'm gonna go get some writing done and then do my Biology.

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