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So... yesterday, we went to Church, had a good time, and the youth group was invited to a Thai-Style bbq at a guy's house, we got the charcoals hot, put the pots over them, and started frying meat, and picking off te pieces that were cooked enough, dipping them in soysauce, and eating them. Yum.
Aand, afterwards, the owner invited the kids to come and play Xbox. Did I turn it down? No I didn't. First we played CoD, which was pretty fun, though i'm more used to Halo, and I picked a Shotgun, which was a mistake.
Afterwards, we all got the kinect set up and we played Just Dance 4, which was, to say the least, ridiculous. To quote the owner, you need to be fit to play that game. My side was hurting by the time we were done. Afterwards, Dad came to pick us up, and we all went home and collapsed. Apparently John, who has no shame, had much more fun than I did. Lavidaloca, Never gonna give you Up, and Elvis are the songs that come to mind.

...Oh, I forgot to mention we're in Chiang Mai, didn't I? Oops. We're in Chiang Mai. There.
Going to the Dentist tomorrow... yay. Let's hope I can chew better now that I don't have to wear my spacer now.
...Did you know the 3DS could do stop-motion videos?

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