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God Bless!


Itakunai... Itakunai...

So... went to the dentist... they took out the hooks that I would use for rubber bands, but after the bands started tearing at my gums (don't wanna talk about it), I stopped wearing them. Anyway, they put in braces unto my bottom teeth. So now I'm a fully fledged Metal-Mouth (no self deprecation intended, and no, No pictures). So maybe in about in three days I'll be able to chew normally. Surprisingly it doesn't seem to hurt as much as I'd figured. But I'll have to wait before deciding it doesn't hurt forever. I'll just have to keep telling myself it doesn't hurt... doesn't hurt... Itakunai... Itakunai...

...Mighty No.9 is coming to the Wii U! Go check that out!

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