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Fire Emblem: Awakening... Rocks!

Fire Emblem Awakening Cover
To start, why don't you have this game already?
This was the latest entry in the Fire Emblem series (a franchise that America first discovered when Marth showed up in Smash Bros), made specifically for the 3DS. Intelligent Systems (the developers) were told that the fate of their franchise rested upon what game they were able to make next. So they decided 'since we're probably going out, why not with a bang?' Awakening was the result, and their efforts paid off. Awakening was such a success in fact, that Fire Emblem probably isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Now time to talk about me. I got this game along with my 3DS, and though my 3DS will probably have to go to the shop soon, I can still play this great game (and so can Steve, who is caught up in the hype as well). I don't wanna post a faux-review, so I'll cut to the chase. This game is awesome. This is the first Fire Emblem game where the player is given an Avatar that actually interacts within the game world. Granted, you don't have much control over what he says, but who's complaining? So, besides the battles, the graphics, and the cool story (voice acting's good too), what's got me hooked?
Shipping. The games lets you pair up your troops, and Awakening has made it blatantly obvious, compared to the last few I played, anyway. Support points are now more focused upon (these are achieved by placing two units next to eachother in battle), and upon receiving several points, their support level will go up. In the final support level, either the two units become real good friends (Chrom and the Avatar, for example), or (if they are of the opposite gender) they get hitched. Seriously. It makes no humungo change to the gameplay, but the two units will give better support in battle when this happens. It's rewarding, to say the least. And can actually be quite touching, if you know your unit's well enough.

Now to talk about the one thing I don't like. ... No recruitment theme. NO RECRUITMENT THEME!! In such an awesome game, HOW could they FORGET to put in the RECRUITMENT THEME? What is a Fire Emblem game without it? Well... still pretty awesome apparently, but really, it would've been better if this theme would blare out when I'd meet a recruit just like in the old games!
Awesome Game. On the eShop. Really recommended. Oh yeah, and it has shipping.
In other news, Phantasm is coming along nicely. Next chapter coming up soon.
That's it for now, nearly bed time.

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  1. As if I haven't commented yet >_< so sorry! I'm not dead!

    Uggggh, I've been seeing Fire Emblem around, I really want to get it! Wish I could find my 3DS... :(


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