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New stuff

...So... hello. I'm posting... anyone notice?

So... guess what happened nearly five months ago? Phantasm was updated. Guess what happened now? Phantasm got updated... cheaply. I feel like I choked out a filler for everyone to read. Oh well, here it is.
I've gotten back to playing Lunar. I'm not used to typical RPGs, and apparently I haven't been grinding like I should've and not saving up for a sword or something. Sigh.

I'm about a third through Gundam Seed Destiny (I watch two every day, so at this rate I'll finish in three weeks), but I thought to myself 'what after this? What'll I watch next?' Definitely not another Gundam, the other shows aren't that good, I hear. Steve's facing a similar dilemma and isn't finishing Gundam Age just yet. I took that Anime test again... I got Fushigi Yugi at 100%. Great. I've got three weeks to go, so I don't have too much to worry about, given I wanna watch anything, I think Animes (or shows in general) are one of the reasons why Phantasm isn't getting as much work in as it could.
Gonna go play Thief for a bit.

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    Procrastination is a killer, eh? Anime used to send my life in a downward spiral... Then I ran out of stuff to watch, so my life is kinda back on track, I'm more into manga now though.

    We had the best Smash tournament on city... We went in a game shop and it had Smash on display with 4 wiimotes... We played two rounds, I came second both times. Solid effort. :)


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