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New Games

On the day of Sarah's Birthday, I was browsing the Shop Channel and we decided we could download Megaman 10 --I think I've mentioned that before--, and John was only gonna pitch in with the price if Bass (the character, not the instrument or  the fish) was playable. We bought and downloaded the game, but we discovered that Bass was DLC, so we had to spend another two dollars. That also meant we had to add another ten dollars to the Shop channel's balance (T'wasn't till the 3DS when you could just choose to add the price of the product you wanted), and since we had eight dollars left over, we bought Sonic 2 for Sarah.

And now, it's only been two days but I've almost won the game (only one boss and the final stage(s) left), and John and Steve have enjoyed playing as Bass and Protoman (respectively). I'm playing as plain 'ol Megaman, who can't dash or charge his gun and yet I've plowed through the game with none of the other character's add-ons. Guess it's from my experience. (Haw-haw).

We've also finally won Theif 2 and now we've downloaded the third game. We had to download a patch to get the technical issues out of the way, and the Xbox controller won't work. Great. Steve gets to go first. Great.

Mom's computer's mouse has decided to listen to us again, so now my Xbox controller is no longer a mouse. I'm gonna use it for some regular games now... After I've been productive for once.

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  1. Did I say happy birthday to Sarah? If no, then HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOUNGUN. though I'm pretty sure I did.

    Technology... Who needs it?! But glad to hear you guys are having fun gaming :)


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