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Mecha Night and Sarah's B-day tomorrow

Alright, tonight me and John (Steve's stepping out to rest) will watch two episodes of our current Mecha Shows tonight. I will start Gundam Seed Destiny, and John will get into the twenty count for Big-O. Don't know what to expect from Destiny, but hopefully it's as entertaining as the last.

Sarah's presents are coming in the mail. Nana will be sending her a pink 3DS and a NintenDogs game, and to save shipping costs and so we can all play together at once, she will also be shipping a red 3DS and Fire Emblem Awakening for me. (*Manly Squeel*). So... now I'll finally get my own Handheld system with wireless potential. Kid Icarus Uprising might also be coming! If only I had friends over the web to play with... :( Sigh... August is also the month of our Nana's birthday, and that'll be in five days. Her cat Angus... died a few days ago. So (don't tell her) I drew up a picture of her cat and am sending it to her! It'll be like a Vitrual Birthday card! She's spending so much money on us, I hope a picture will make up for it.

Going out for a walk, before it rains AGAIN.

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  1. I'm very sorry to hear about the cat..... But LUCKY YOU!!!! Getting a 3DS!!! If I find mine I'll totally play Kid Icarus with you!!!


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