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So... get this...
We decided to have a bit of a road trip up to Kanchanaburi for shopping, we'd be up there for a night and come right back down. On the way out of town, we stopped by the post-office. Dad went inside... and came back with a package. We had a package to open during the first half hour on the road. Inside was mostly... candy. You'd be amazed. Jolly Ranchers, Tootsie Pops, and big (I mean BIG) marshmallows, and three bags of them. And what else?
Two 3DS's. One was red, the other pink. And two games; Nintendogs +Cats (for Sarah), and Fire Emblem Awakening (for me).
So, after spending the night at the hotel with a conspicuous box hanging in the back of our van, we went shopping, and I got two SDHC cards for me and Steve's 3DSs (John didn't want one, Sarah doesn't need one), and I finally got a new flash drive. Different brand, half the capacity, but it's worth while.
Now we're home, and I'm contemplating how to use my new system... I think Tetris Axis would be a start.
So we're set for candy for about at least a few months now, all thanks to Nana. I'll write her a thank-you email.
I'm off for now.

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  1. Lucky you!! Have fun with the 3DS. :)
    sorry about the lateness with this comment, and so sorry about not replying to your email!! I guess you can see from my lack of reply im pretty busy at the moment >.< and didn't you say the Wii servers were cancelled?


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