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3DS Issues

Technology must hate me, or it's the good Lord testing my patience (I prefer the latter).
My 3DS has communication issues. It cannot send Download and Play information, and it can't register friends locally. There's probably more, but I haven't figured it all out yet. It can still do local play if both systems have a copy of the game, and it can still do normal DS download play. Heh. Either way, it's broken in one spot, and I'll have to send it back to my Grandparents, who'll send it to Nintendo, who will hopefully fix it (thank goodness for warranty), and they'll send it back. This should all take the course of a month, so I'll be without a 3DS for a month in about a week or two.
Heh. I think the experience will do me some good. I still have emulators. Which reminds me, I downloaded Tetris Axis, and though it's pretty fun, if I had to recommend a friend to Tetris, I'd say they're better off buying the original Game Boy version off the eShop. Speaking of which, I'm about to go play that now. Emulating of course.

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