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Xbox Mouse

No, this is not a new product from Microsoft, my apologies to the random internet surfer who stumbled upon this.
My mom's laptop is having a real issue; the touchpad stopped working! It had another of its usual reverse/jerky/unresponsive episodes, but then it wouldn't budge after that! So, with no other solution, I plugged in my old Joypads, turned on JoyToKey, and started using the joystick as a mouse. It was neat, but the joystick was so stiff it was a pain to work with (and tweaking the mouse sensitivity just wouldn't do). A little bit later after I had my school done (having done the joypad stuff prior to make the computer usable for my biology CD), I plugged in my Xbox controller and got ready to play some games, but I remembered I had to use my other joypad(s) as a mouse, but when I plugged them in and turned JoyToKey on, nothing happened!
But then I realized my Xbox controller was plugged in first, so now it's the mouse. This is super neat! Now I get to move around and click with my Xbox controller and switch to emulation by merely clicking on the window! Not as exciting as it sounds, but I thought it was worth mentioning.
Playing shooters with the Controller is awesome... Goldeneye rocks...
I've got nothing else to say, so here's a funny Kitteh picture to make up for it.

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