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XBOX Controller!

We FINALLY have gotten home! And waiting for us at the post office was a pleasant surprise... the package! Once we got home and unloaded a bit, We opened it up, and inside were bags of candy, some letters, but most importantly; John's new black 3DS and my Xbox controller! FTW!!

It feels AMAZING, and though I haven't tested it on every emulator I have yet, it's still cool! Unfortunately, I don't have the option to choose whether I want the stick and the d-pad to have the same input... oh well. Joy2Key should fix that up. 

So... now then, expect progress to be a bit slow as I catch up on my games and download new ones, but I might find time to a review for the controller.

Now then, I'm gonna go look at 16-bit gems to find the games I want...

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  1. Ooooh! Xbox controller! Lucky duck! Have fun with it!!


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