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We left at around eleven to go to all the stores so mom could grab all the stuff we'd need before we left. We went to the Big C eXtra (formerly Carrefour), and I got meself a shiny new red Notebook (a  big one at that) for me when my current one runs out of room (which may not be for a while). We got some more jars of Ovaltine, and I had to pay half for it (I'm really the only one who drinks it)... and that was about it. We ate at Pizza Hut while we were there. The top of my mouth is still singed. XP Me and Dad were able to look at some computers, and he told me about the processors and how I should take note on what Intel the computer has.

Then we went all the way to the Tesco on the other side of town, and got some nice shirts. I got a big red shirt that said 'Life Guard; Mine walks on water.' Awesome. There were two shirts John liked, but he could only pick one. So he decided to pick another Christian shirt and pay for the Halo 3 shirt. Lucky him.

Mom and Dad are out of the house for now, went to a church, and left us kids home alone. Tomorrow we'll probably see a movie. We're still deciding whether to go watch Man of Steel or Pacific Rim. My Otaku side says Pacific Rim, but my other mischievous side says Man of Steel. My mom doesn't like how Superman has been portrayed in recent years, so she's not too keen.

Downloading music... and taking notes on Word. And listening to music.

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  1. *laughs* love that shirt!!

    Pacific Rim or MoS..... Both look amazing. I think the visuals in Pacific Rim will be better, but I still want to see man of steel! But whatever you do, DON'T see WWZ. IT'S NUTS.


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