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Quickie: Gundam Seed

Gundam Seed is the ninth installment in of the franchise, and I just happened to finish it yesterday night. At a rate of roughly two episodes a day, I was able to finish it in just a few weeks (I'd rather not spend all day watching a show, so I break up my schedule). I originally watched the show so I could get another idea of how a Gundam Story worked so that it may help with a certain project of mine, Gundam Wing being my only previous example prior. Unfortunately, I ended getting more ideas for anime stories in general.
All that aside, I thought I'd do another Quickie to share my thoughts on the show.
The plot, typical of most Animes that don't solely exist to advance advertise a toyline (I said solely, by the way), things were pretty interesting. A lot of things happened between the characters (including some getting killed off), a lot of things changed in the different sides of the war, and yet things didn't seem too complicated. I had a hard time keeping track of things in Gundam Wing, but most of the plot twists were easy to follow in this show.
In short, two sides are fighting each other. Two old friends end up on different sides. The two have to fight each other. They make up. Stuff blows up in between. In the end, a typical Gundam show.
Unfortunately, one of the things associated with Anime visuals are... Japan's tendencies. Thankfully this was kept to a rough minimum. I can only name... one... two... about five suggestive scenes in the whole show. Thank goodness.
The show is ten years old, so things aren't as impressive as say Gundam Age (didn't actually watch that show, but I've seen enough of it). There was a bit of conspicuous CGI in the first couple arcs, but following the space arc and the final battle, there was barely any at all. I expect the HD remake to look a lot better. I watched the original version if that wasn't clear.
Being my second Gundam show to finish, I don't have a lot to compare with. It's certainly a lot more complicated than Wing with all the character development, but just a bit easier to follow. Maybe it was because I watched the show in under a month in comparison to the year(s) it took me to finish Wing. The action certainly had me hooked better than Wing, and I liked the way how fast the plot moved. If you fast forwarded even five episodes you'd quickly be lost by all the setting changes. This is somewhat backed-up by all the constant flash-backs. Another thing I liked was how many Characters ended joining the good guys. ...Unfortunately for those who did it within the final arc, it usually meant death.
 And of course, being five years older than Wing, I liked the more complex battle sequences, and don't get me started on the music.
 Of course to save myself brainpower I watched the english dub, and the occasional quickly-mouthed and phoned-in line bugged me a little. And some of the voices are out of character, Lacus being the primary example, who was voiced by Rie Tanaka in Japan, while in America she was voiced by the actress-to-be of the friend of nature equine from that show that shall not be mentioned. Her 'bubbly' interpretation of Lacus made her innocent-sounding advice seem more naive than actually wise, like it did in Japan.
In the cast, two characters, both girls, went through a Break the Cutie moment. Both outcomes were either negative or violent. The only difference was that one of them got over it while the other kept it nigh till the day she died.
Which would bring us to Flay and everything that came with her, but talking about that would take up this whole article. Let's just say around mid-way, there was a scene that suggested something... sexual. Of course when it aired the TV crew barely got away with it, but for the HD DVD release they had to extend it. Sheesh. And then there's everything that comes with Japanese animation (usually only promiment in the openings), but not half as bad as Gurren Lagann when it came to suggestive stuff.
I haven't watched enough Gundam to compare, but I certainly enjoyed it in a different way than I enjoyed Wing. More Character development, and they were able to mix in romance without it taking over the show. I'm not saying Seed must be a master at this, I just liked how it was done.

I'll be taking a break from watching shows for a while. I'll move on to Destiny next.
Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Nothing worthwhile happening.

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