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Quick Review: Man of Steel

I have no time to make a long complicated article concerning the movie, but I would just like to breakdown what I thought of the movie after seeing it.
Coming from the man who did the Dark Knight Trilogy, I can't say I'm surprised about how well the movie went. The non-linear middle was pretty neat; showing clips from Clark as a kid and him as an adult. I can't really say too much, but I was really surprised how long the final battle took! When people mean action non-stop; this is what they mean! I was almost convinced I was watching a three hour movie. I was off by half an hour. Surprisingly, most of the movie was taken up by the attempted conquest of Earth with little actual Superman-ing between helping people as a normal man.
Pretty impressive, I really liked the 'Mercury' effect of the Kryptonian computers. This was taken up to eleven when fighting the World Engine, where the mercury turned into a bunch of tendrils to fend off Super Man. And of course, the destruction of Krypton looked fairly impressive, and the battle had lots of nice effects, but I'm afraid I've seen too many CG Explosions to give any real rating on that.
I definitely liked the movie better than I thought, and Superman was portrayed very nicely (anything's better than Superman Returns...). I really liked how many touching moments there were. Wimp I am, I cried at least thrice, most of them were from the moments of Clark as a kid, like Mr. Kent revealing Clark's past to him and they have a really good father/son moment.
There were some subtle Christian references. Awesome.
Superman kept his head on really well, and not once did he attack somebody (save for wrecking a guy's car), and his actions protecting the public were well put and it earned him the trust of the military during the battle against the rogue Kryptonians. I especially find it nice how the school bully he saved as a kid became his friend and he turned out to be a nice guy.
 ...I'm glad they didn't make Superman a wuss, that's about it.
Around the beginning after the Oil Rig incident, Clark snatched some clothes to wear from an unsuspecting old couple's car. He could've at least asked, then again he was on the run. Same deal for wrecking the car.
One personal gripe; the opening of a movie with the screams of a woman in labor isn't my favorite way to start a movie. Also, they explained more of Krypton's past, how their society worked, how the Krypton that exploded wasn't their home planet... yaddayadda... I find that a rather unnecessary bit of technobabble, or as I like to put it; Middichlorian-izing. Not completely bad, I guess.
And I find it amazing in the movies how no matter the situation, the Hero and Heroine always find the moment to kiss and nothing bad happens. Movie Logic.
An easy 4/5. Maybe .5 less, but what the hey. I'm shocked at how the 'professionals' gave this movie five out of ten! At least Superman kept his stance for the most part, and the fighting and visuals were good, and I got plenty of ideas after watching it.
That's it. Pacific Rim isn't out yet, but that's probably going to be the movie I review next.


  1. Aha! So you saw Man of Steel! Remind me to read this post after I've seen it, I'm really against spoilers :) hopefully I'm seeing it next week, so.... Yay! :) I'd better post soon...

  2. Great review James. Nowhere near perfection, but a fine superhero flick that’s released during the best time of the year for them.


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