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Promises and Perspective

...I mentioned awhile back I had a piece of Neo-Soldier Artwork didn't I? And I never got around to showing it... sigh...
I've also been trying hard to work up some stock chapters of Phantasm, but I've only managed about a third of the next chapter, and that's not half as much as I intend to make.
And on top of that, I have side-projects. The Ultra Wiki, other drafts, watching shows and taking notes, and of course, the Blog.
I've dug myself into a hole. Not quite as big as when Neo-Soldier stalled out, but more like I tried tackling too much at once when I decided I was free of the last problem.
...I must have at least three more Phantasm chapters before I start posting it again. That's my decision.
...On the other hand, I am still reworking the eventual re-launch of Neo-Soldier. Here is a question for any reader; for a story that focuses on Tokusatsu elements, is a First-Person Narrative a good idea?
My personal answer is that I could juggle between First and Third, such as the Plasma Saga by TrainerNaps is handled, changing perspective when the main character isn't the focus of the scene.
Unfortunately, for a story that's meant to be a bit on the diverse side, like any Manga, Anime, or Kamen Rider show, constantly changing to one guy's point of view seems to break the flow of it all.
...Got a bit off topic there didn't I? Had to change the post title... I'll post this when the Internet comes back. Back to work.

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