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Mecha Night and Dad's B-Day

So, since last night was Friday we were allowed to stay up til midnight, and John had the idea of watching our favorite mecha animes to kill the time. We started with three episodes of Gundam Seed for me (The last was a wham episode, so that was good), three episodes of Gundam Age for Steve (finished the second arc), and for John we watched (half of) the second Gurren Lagann Movie. Yeah, John's thing was a frikkin two hours long and we started at eight thrity, so we didn't make it. We finished it this morning.

And today is my Dad's birthday. Mom made a special carrot-coffee-cake thingy... me and the other two had Jell-O.

Since I lack a computer, I've been using a little red flashdrive to store my stuff and I would use mom's computer... but now, out of the blue, it says that it's write-protected. I can't do my emulators because files need to be constantly rewritten, and obviously that can't happen now. I looked all around the internet and tried every trick I found (one of which forced me to use cmd), but there was simply no helping it. I moved most of the stuff unto my Google Drive. Sigh... But I do have an idea... I could still do emulators, but it would require some file location saviness of mine... and i'm too lazy. I'm definitely gonna buy meself a new one when I get the chance.
Gonna go watch Gundam Seed.

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  1. Technology is always such a pain -_-

    Say happy birthday to your dad for me!! :D even though its a bit late... I'm busy, okay?! *sobs*


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