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Bee Stings

So... meant to mention this before... Me and Steve have been stung by bees. Both in the foot. On the same foot. Except mine was on the toe. See, we have this beehive somewhere under our house, and after the bees are done their job, they just fly and wander until they die, and then they find their way into our house. And lie on the floor, waiting to claim a victim. Me and Steve were two of them. The bottom of Steve's foot swelled up a little and he had to hop for the first day and a half, and the bee stung the toe right next to my pinkie toe. It swelled up, and then I started to itch, but that went a way quick. The next day, my toe looked like a... well it swelled up to like half a centimeter. It feels fine, I can walk. It'll stop swelling in a few days. Steve got his two days before me so I dunno about him.
No I will not take pictures.
Still loving the new controller, getting over all the kinks. It's awesome.
John's gotten into the Animaniacs, which was like the starting point of nineties cartoons... not my thing.
Check out this video. Got it from ThinkGeek's Google+ stream.

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  1. Ow! Consider my empathies and sympathies extended towards you! I've only been stung by a bee once - hurt like anything!!!

    Watched that video - absolutely gorgeous!! :D


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