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Addiction (so-called)

So I woke up around seven thirty, ate breakfast, had a shower, shaved my whole face (I had both a Mous' and a Goat' before I took the razor to them), got in the nice red shirt mom bought yesterday, went to the Dentist, had my appliance fixed, finally had the inner hooks removed and two more brackets placed on the molars they were removed from, was given a container to carry my retainer more easily, and that was it for my appointment.
Then Dad thought it would be good if his foundation would buy a TV and DVD and have it set up in the waiting room. So we had a short talk with one of the heads of the clinic and he said it would be possible. They'll work that out next time we come.

I finished watching Extra Credits' piece about Video game addiction (so-called,) and they said how addiction isn't the right word (unless it's actually changing our brain chemistry, compensation is more like it), and how people blaming the games for people's laziness and detachment is just like those  Gun laws; blaming the tool instead of the cause. Their next piece was about addiction in older people and how it's more serious in their case, and I've realized how happy I am to be home-schooled.
 I can talk with my parents about virtually anything, I get to stay home and find more ways to stay off the computer or console, and if I feel depressed or unaccomplished, my family is always right there with me. Knowing me, I don't think I'd last very long if I had to go away from them every day.
And of course whether I'm home-schooled or not, I have God reminding me what to think about, so if I ever feel addicted, I know I have the strength and the reason to just set the controller down.
And really, being addicted (so-called) to Video Games is no different than people getting caught up in their profession and ignoring real life. And for us Christians, anything that isn't God shouldn't be the focus of our life, but it doesn't mean we have to distance ourselves from it either. We can become addicted (so-called) to anything, but God will never leave us. He'll always be there to remind us about the important things, whether it's body or mind. I never really started understanding that until about a month ago.
That's one of the wonders of trusting God. We can go there and back again and he'll always be right there with us. 

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  1. Ooooooooooh! Take a pic and show me shaved James!! :)
    Yeah, parents are nice, eh? Especially when you have a good relationship with them.


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