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Thief and Pre-Belated cake

Alright... we have conquered Thief Gold! About twelve hours of pocket-picking, back-stabbing, and looting are done with. Now we're on to Thief 2, and I like it a bit better because of the lack of supernatural threats (of course, in video games supernatural usually means Zombies...), now it's all cults and an uprising in Mechanical stuff.
As for my opinion on the first game... too much demons and spell-casting for me. One of the threats is a brotherhood of Mages who talk like how Buddhism would sound, and the Pagans are blatantly Devil worshipers (or in Thief's case, the 'Trickster's Followers.')
And then there's the Hammerites, guys in red who always carry hammers, quote from demented scripture, believe in the great 'Builder' who 'Hath no mercy for thy misguided fools,' are encouraged to persecute those who are 'unrighteous,' go to fancy Cathedrals with Stained-Glass windows for service (and on top of that, they're one of the bad guys!)... Yeah, anti-Christian much?
In the second game, the main threats are the 'Mechanists,' who are basically ex-Hammerites who believe in the words of a single man and are enforcing a revolution.
So yeah, apparently the Thief world loves its fake religions--
Sorry, that doesn't do them justice. A Religion is a lifestyle driven by faith. Those guys are are Cults!
Gripes aside, the games are fun, and I greatly recommend them from Steam.

John's having a bit of a pre-belated Birthday today, since his Birthday's tomorrow and he hates Mondays. The cake was made and we might eat it tonight, especially since Dad just came home.
His real birthday is tomorrow, as I said, so I'll wait for formalities till then!
That's about it. Off for more Thief!

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  1. Much like some of the ecchi anime I watch. All the pervy stuff is stupid, but the storyline behind it is fascinating.
    Dammit! I have no time to pull anything together for John!! D:


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