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Sonic Jump... Animal Crossing... Talk of Homeschooling... That's about it

Our friend Mr.Aek brought over his iPad mini with him, and apparently he really likes games and had a few good apps on it (he's no slouch in Anime either), and the game we had the most fun on was Sonic Dash, which is basically temple run Sonic the Hedgehog style. Addicting, frustrating, advertising, a typical iPad game these days. We heard it would be coming to Android, and that in turn means Kindle Fire, so we looked all over and discovered it wasn't released yet! :/ Then we remembered that a Sonic game was also released not too long ago called Sonic Jump, and this one was released for both platforms by now. So we bought it. You tilt the tablet to make Sonic jump up platforms, collect rings, bust enemies above him, and that's about it. But it's fun. Only two bucks too, so that'll keep us occupied until Dash comes out for Android.

So... apparently Animal Crossing allows up to four player on a single game! Me and Sarah got a file on Steve's game, but he's still mayor of the town. I can see why Steve likes the game! This is like what... my third or fourth day? Anyway it's cool. It's nice to control your little virtual life. And the Puppy Secretary at the town hall is adorable!

So I was looking at Retro Gaming stuff on the Tube (I'm allowed to do that, still dunno when my restriction ends, but I'm okay with that now), and Mom was reading a book about homeschooling on her kindle. She read some of it aloud to us for the humor of it, and then we eventually started talking about whether we'll be going to college or not... It's all a matter of want really. Why go to a college when I can take an online course in what I want to learn about? Speaking of which, Mom's gonna make us learn programming next year. :D I think I'm the only one who was smiling when she said that...

And besides me learning guitar chords... that's about it. The internet's been buggy thanks to our wonderful cloudy and rainy weather over here, so let's do this while I have a day with reception.

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  1. Ugh, Sonic Dash, my worst nightmare!! I've only gotten up to 20,000, whilst one of my friends is in the top five percent of everyone ever! However, it's definitely worth you checking out if Robot Unicorn Attack 2 is on Android... Fantastic game :)


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