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Let's get one thing out of the way to begin. First of all, I'm not dead. I may have been completely absent for a week and have not been active at all, but that doesn't necessarily mean I'm dead. However, neither am I accusing anyone of claiming or saying I was deceased. I was simply inactive for a very long time.

I suppose whoever actually reads this blog is wondering why there is over a week-long-gap between this and my last post. In short, the answer is simple; I am on Restriction. I can only do my Gmail, anything related to my Gmail (like say links), and a few of the sites I look at (like Chelsea's Blog :D ). However I only just discovered that I can still look at the blog, so I apologize for ignoring all of her Blog posts. Now I get to pester Steve to give me updates on the Nintendo news! Why am I on restriction? I'd rather not say on a public blog...

Back on the subject on Nintendo, that reminds me! 3DS users, you can download both Zelda: Oracle of Ages and Seasons for ten dollars on the 3DS eShop! Steve is playing Seasons right now and having a blast! I want a 3ds more than ever now...

In other news, my Super-Cool joypads are finally beginning to wear away. Actually though, they're not useless so much as in need of wiring repair. The buttons are fine (longest life in a fake controller I've ever seen), but the little cords at the top connecting the wires are ripping. So, to avoid having to eventually buy more and more controllers, I decided to buy an Xbox controller off of Amazon.
Black Xbox 360 S wireless controller
This beauty is supposed to be one of the PC gamer's primary choices when gaming on their computer. It's wireless, it's tough, and it won't break after X uses. It's gonna make gaming a bit easier. I can already imagine the layout I'm gonna give it for the control scheme of Thief!

...Do I have nothing else to talk about? A whole week of silence and I have nothing to show for it?! What's wrong with me?!!
Oh wait. I do. I was able to draw quite the picture last night! My first real Manga render! Why is it real, you may ask? Because I was able to do it without worrying about the eyes! Unfortunately, I cannot show it yet.
I'd rather get a good scan of it before showing it on the blog. Wondering who the drawing is of? I'll only let one thing on; it's from Neo-Soldier. Not Phantasm, Neo-Soldier.
I don't know how long my Restriction will last, but I'm content with not asking. Now I can get more work on my stories, and the Ultra Wiki. Expect my Blog Posts to be boring at best.
...Nothing left to say? Hang on a sec... Oh yeah. A friend from Thai and Fa's church came over to stay. He's gonna teach us Thai and Guitar, so that'll be a blast! And he brought our Wii back with him! Hopefully we can do some stuff before the servers close!
...I'm pretty sure that's it! Back to Phantasm!

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  1. Woah! James got in trouble?! Shock horror! :) just kidding, but seriously, I know how much it sucks to get banned. Just ask me about that one time Mum confiscated my laptop... Whoop, that was a long night.

    Nice, getting a fair dinkum Xbox controller. :D must cost a pretty penny though!


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