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John's Birthday... Was Yesterday

Yep, John had his Birthday yesterday. There were still people coming over so we had to do the ritual with the cake right after lunch while he had the house to ourselves. It was the usual black-magic cake with butter-cream frosting. We loved it as always. John didn't get any presents... though we did let him know that he had two coming in the mail and one of them was Lego Batman 2 for the 3DS, and of course the 4.500.- coupon, which wasn't actually written for him yet.
It was on a Monday too, but John said it was the best Monday he had in a long time! He got done school at a reasonable time (say 5 pm), had a lot of interesting stuff going on with his YouTube arguments (stumping Atheists and the like), and the cake turned out better than it did the last few times. So yeah, he didn't care about the lack of presents. I don't think he'd expect us to fill out his entire list anyway... (The Dark Knight Rises DVD, Ultraman Gaia Ultra-Act, Shadow the Hedgehog GC, Black 3DS... etc.)

So... yeah. Have you watched Extra Credits? They're awesome.

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    And I don't blame him for wanting the Dark Knight Rises, it was a good movie... Til I fell asleep. We watched it at like, 9PM, okay?!

    Glad he had such a good day :)


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