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Butchers and Crossing

So... Animal Crossing New Leaf comes out on the eShop in America tomorrow, at midnight. Steve got it a day early :P
He's very happy. Getting himself settled in as the town mayor. He watched a guy's guide on youtube for almost a month now (I dunno how the guy in the video got the game. Maybe the same way Steve got it early? I dunno), and he was able to make lots of money fast.

Dad went up to the village with Mr.Aek and just came back today. Last time he was up, he bought a cow. We were actually looking for a cow to buy for a long time. It would make a lot more meat than all the stuff we buy every couple months. So he got it butchered, gave away the head and some calves, and now he brought home a couple kilos of beef. He didn't get as much as he wanted, and I don't think we got any steak out of it at all. But we got lots of stuff for Hamburgers! I think I overheard something about us grinding all the meat first thing tomorrow...

Looking forward to Beef goodness!

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  1. It's been so long since I've played animal crossing!!! :)

    Also, I thought by cow you meant that you bought a pet cow to milk, not a omnom cow to butcher!! :( I don't even want to think about that.... Why can't steak and cows be two separate things?!


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