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Boring days are being boring

So... despite the fact that this week is flying right by like a sonic jet, I have very little to do with myself! Besides Phantasm, I have very little work to do, Nintendo updates are uneventful, and since I took a vow not to play emulators on the computer until I get my new controller, I am finding myself with a lot of free time to wallow around with an empty schedule... Anything to do would be nice...

Well apparently I blurted out one of John's gifts on my last post! Curses! I could've sworn he knew by the time I posted it! And who knew he actually read this thing?! I would elaborate on the situation, but I believe he's found out too much already. He'll know in two weeks...

Speaking of which, we'll head up to Chiang Mai for a few days. Dentist stuff and paperwork I think being the primary concerns. Sigh... I'm hoping to find a Computer. I've hit the stage where I'm willing to have my pay docked just to buy one. But is that worth it?

Thief is still fun. We're still playing the second game (since Dad's been busy his computer has been relatively unoccupied). I'm hoping that by the time we play the third game I'll have the controller. The third game was developed for the Xbox, so what better way to play it than with an Xbox controller?

And since Steve would kill me if I didn't mention it, he has been watching Gundam AGE and he says it's awesome. Me? I'm watching Gundam Seed. Still have yet to finalize my opinion on that one (with 100+ episodes to go, it'll be a while before that happens).

...So much for boring, this post is long. Just because things are happening doesn't mean I'm entertained!

I'm off to... I dunno what I'm gonna do...

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  1. Totally know that feeling.

    What do you mean by computer? Laptop or desktop? And it depends what you want to do on it.... I'd say it's worth it to have your pay docked. If you want something that desperately, it's usually the right choice to make.


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