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Battle of the Pacific

So yesterday for research I checked out a re-enactment movie about the Pacific War, called 'Battle of the Pacific,' done by Toho (guys behind Godzilla. Technically the equivalent to having a film done by Warner Bros. over here) The film was more of a historical drama than anything, so the Japanese title for the film makes more sense; 'Oba: the Last Samurai.' I know it takes place after the battle of Saipan, though how historically accurate it is, I don't know. I won't review the film, I'll just give my thoughts.

At first I didn't like the movie too much because it seemed to give more sympathy towards the Japanese side (this was a mostly Japanese production so I guess that can't be helped too much), and there seemed to be only one sympathetic American (the US soldiers were played by real American Actors, BTW. And they spoke english too.) But as the film went on, they still established how Japan was the enemy, and really all the army on the island wanted was for the Japanese to surrender so the bloodshed would stop. The main conflict was the captain of the Japanese army, Oba, deciding whether or not to surrender. This was after the bombing of Hiroshima, and they didn't want to believe that the war was over.

The movie ended well, several people died (duh, it's a warm film!),  but peace was made. I'm pretty sure the movie was based off of a real event, but how things exactly played out, I dunno.

I had no real gripes with the film, except that there was nothing too extraordinary. Mom was a little miffed that when some guys were handling the US flag they did it 'sloppily,' when it should be done with respect (especially since this was a historical film). There was one General who had lots of crude words in his arsenal, but he left halfway through the movie, and from what I hear, they made him swear a lot less in comparison to his real-life counterpart to make it acceptable. Yike.

Yeah, 6/10.
Bad quality post. Sorry.

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  1. Not a bad quality post at all! Good review, actually.
    War films aren't really my thing, I guess, I'm very particular with what I like. But I imagine there could have been a very tense feel to the movie.


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