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Ban Lifted!

If you don't get the Ultraman reference in the title, that's okay.

I am off the hook, as teens my age would put it, I think. My restriction is over. I can roam the web like I used to, with my new resilience to stay away from bad Links.

Hahaha. Anyway you get my point.
I have however taken a little vow with myself (not regarding why I was restricted in the first place), and that is to not play an Emulator until my Xbox controller arrives, and that isn't too far away at all, I don't think anyway. John's B-Day is in five days... dunno whether we'll be at a friend's or not. John's not too convinced that we're up to anything [neither am I (that's all I can say on my public blog)].

I was watching youtube not too long ago when a whole bunch of ADS flooded every free border on the page. And since they all had to start loading, it put serious lag on my video. Wasn't pleased. I hope that was a one-timer (perhaps to roll in some extra cash), but if Youtube wants to ad up like that, I'm going to reconsider my future career on there.

♪Xbox in the mail... ♪
♪Xbox in the mail...♪

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  1. By "bad links" I am left to wonder what you google behind closed doors.... ;) because its fun to tease.

    Anyway, looks like I'll have to do something for John, eh? Busy as anything recently so maybe I'll just have to send my birthday wishes through the intrawebz. :)

    Not gonna post on mine today, too tired/can't be bothered. Still haven't found my 3DS so no Oracles for me. :/


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