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Anniversary Hoedown

Today is technically my parents' anniversary (it's the day they were married in America, but the day after over here). So, here's to 18 happy years for Mom and Dad! And they spent it cutting up a cow (but they did it together, that's the important part!). They tend to forget the date, so the cow part was unintentional.

But anyway, since the cow had no steaks on her, we had to substitute the part used for rump roast for steak! I gotta say, we barely get steak very often, so this was very special. But then it was really REALLY chewy. I lost my appetite after chewing it for so long, but John had a ball chewing it up. In fact, here's a video of him doing it!

My personal apologies to whoever was offended by watching someone attack a piece of steak. This will probably be posted later than I hoped since I had to spend some time editing the video, but oh well.
So... Another Hurrah to Mom and Dad's anniversary!
Tomorrow is E3, which means more Zelda and Smash Bros news! :D I'm looking forward to it!

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