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Thief and Joypads

Thief is a rockin' cool old game from 98 or something. You play as a thief named Garret, who goes around a steampunk world, looting royal familes, and dealing with evil cults. Basically it's the retro version of Assassin's Creed except it's only first-person. In fact Thief was one of the games that made 'First person Looters' popular.
We got all three games off of steam for twenty dollars, so that's quite the deal, isn't it? We used to watch Dad play the games when we were little, so It's quite nostalgic to play it again.
In other news, I accidentally dropped my twin Joysticks and the left side of controller two's face snapped off, leaving the d-pad and joystick exposed. So long multiplayer until we go back to Chiang Mai, or until I get an XBOX controller. Things happen, and that was only six dollars. I'll just buy another two later.
Helping Chelsea out with her TDL Reboot. And playing Thief :D

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