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I just finished watching a documentary about the bombing of Hiroshima for my paper on Japan and WWII. It was a very interesting watch, and it was fun to listen to both sides, and I got down some interesting notes. There were two parts about the movie I did not like.
  • 1 The re-creational shots. The old recordings of aftermath are disturbing enough. But I understand that adding it was probably best to make it an interesting documentary. But still, the image of a shirtless man walking through Hell city with his back like a piece of burnt bacon isn't completely necessary. H.P. Lovecraft says that one of man's oldest and greatest fears is the fear of the unknown. I think the lack of pictures would have disturbed people better if that's what they were looking for.
  • 2 No unbiased opinions. Thanks a lot, BBC. The head of Hiroshima's medical department claimed the whole thing was an experiment by America. ...I don't think that needed to be put in the final product AT ALL. The war would have continued and people would have been killed even more. Plus the two bombs put together weren't nearly as much as the rest of the war before caused.
...I really don't like it when people say completely necessary things are acts of evil. Come on, if it wasn't for the bombing, everyone over here in Thailand would be under Japanese dictatorship.
Good grief some people... Well that will be an interesting piece for my paper, and I will be sure to say who are the real enemies when I write it! I won't let my fondness for Dai-Nippon bias my thoughts of the war.
And neither should any other Otaku.

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  1. Exactly correct. Some people are bad, some good. Any culture is the same. Like during Hitler's rampage, the first people to go into the German concentration camps were the homosexual Germans, not the Jews. I think that's right, anyway.
    Anyway, my point is that we shouldn't say an entire nation is bad because one figurehead was corrupt and they all had to follow the rules or they'd get their heads chopped off.


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