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Finally Found the Song!!

Alright then, gimme a moment... *squee!* Guess what? Then again I guess I've never mentioned it before... anyways, rewind like five years ago when I was still a little a simple ten years old, and we would browse youtube for the only thing it was good for back then; music videos. I remember coming across lots of good Ultraman Music videos, which was my first introduction into music remix awesomeness 'caue I remember looking at all the classic Ultra's themes on youtube at my grandma's house, and now a year later I find the themes remixed and awesome! And after we forgot about them, I discovered the Youtube converter, and the first thing that came to my mind was to convert the remix for Ultraman Ace! 
But the video was taken down by then...
*Dun-dun-duuuuhn!* That was forever ago.
And now let me tell you something about John, good 'ol John. He nitpicks, pushes, nags, complains--getting off-topic-- Anyway, he's  the guy who you'd least expect to come through for you (or at least doing something worthwhile) on a casual basis. 
Anyway, he's been doing more Ultraman research than me, and he came across a collection of Ultraman songs simply called the 'new' versions. I wasn't very interested in most of them. But today was different. John came down and showed me the new version for Ultraman Ace's song. So I decided to put up with him since I was feeling generous after beating him at a game of Virtua Racing, so I found the song, and gave it a listen.

It was the song from five years ago. *Squeee!!!* I don't use converters that much anymore, but I had to do it! I downloaded it and now I have on my MP4 all thanks to John, good ol' Onii-san John.
Have a listen yourself!

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  1. Well, that's a noise I never expected to come out from a boy. *laughs*

    But it's great that you found what you were looking for. :D


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