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So... guess what I discovered last week? It's a program that lets you make games, but not games with sprites and pixels, but text based games, like old computer games like Snatcher. It's called Twine. You can make games that are entirely made up of words. You need a little wiki-know-how in order to work out the links and some more advanced coding, but aside from that it's pretty simple. I'm doing a Twine version of the first chapter of Phantasm just for a warm-up. I plan on doing something different and original when I'm done with that.

In other news, Dad had us set up the big 'ol tent we got back in Christmas '06 so that we could get used to it by the time we go up to Village again (maybe in a month). It's a bit holey, but whatever. A bit of a hassle to put together too. Anyways, after we got the tent set up, Dad was spraying the tent with the hose to get all the bamboo dust and dried dirt off of it (we left it up in the village, so go figure why it's so dirty), when John noticed a round thing in the wet mud. Dad knelt over and sprayed it off, and it looked like his wedding ring! See a long time back in 2010, during one of Dad's trips up to the village, he lost his ring, he figured it happened while he was getting the truck out of the muck once, and it's been missing for nearly two years.
At first Dad was skeptical, and so was I. We both figured it was just a piece of the truck that broke off. John bit it and it bent a little. When we got back inside Dad rinsed it off for real, and sure enough, it was the ring. :D Hallelujah. Nice little thing to happen.
Later that day me Dad and Sarah went up to 7-Eleven and I bought the new hobby magazine and some mini-speakers. These will come in real handy for when everyone wants to listen to my mp4, or when we're watching a show and the computer's too quiet and the fan is roaring.

Anyways... what happened today...? I tried Goldeneye 007 for 64... and I don't really like it. It's an FPS, but instead of moving with the joystick and aiming with the c-buttons, it's divided between the two, making it really confusing. That pretty much killed the game for me, because the rest of it's not very interesting. Gonna try a racing game next (which I hear the 64 is abound of).

Anyways... Food for thought; if you were to design your own Videogame controller, how would it look? What would the button layout be? Would you follow Nintendo or Sega's example? Would the buttons be labeled by letters like Nintendo, symbols like PlayStation, or numbers? I'm gonna post scans of the ideas I have later, but I'm really not in the mood to post that much with my computer out of action for now.

Which reminds me, when we go up to Bangkok tomorrow, we're gonna bring our two broken computers and see if a computer guy over there can't help. Worth a shot.

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  1. You'll have to show me that game thing... I want to give it a try ^_^
    See, I believe that small miracles do happen, and this ring story is one of them. Except its more like a moderately large miracle.

    I want some mini speakers for my iPad D:


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