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The Croods

So we're at our friend's house, first day here out of three, and the plan for today was going to the mall to pick out some new trunks for the waterpark (assuming I go anyway), eat dinner, and watch a movie. We met up at the Mega Bagna mall, at at Carl Jr's... and guess whaaat? THEY LET YOU HAVE FREE REFILLS!! Cue the choir, we were happy... but then the staff gave me a cheezburger instead of a hamburger... but I at half of it anyway...

Then we went to see the Croods; the newest Dreamworks movie. I had heard of it before, and honestly didn't know what to think. But our friends said it was awesome, so I took their word for it. Fastforward like half an hour later and we were in the theater, which was relatively empty, and we came in just after the weird commercials passed.

The movie was loud, like they all are. John said he plugged his ears the whole time, and the floor shook occasionally with all the noise.

The movie? Rocked. It was surprisingly long, but well done and touching. More of a family adventure than a comedy, but it was still funny. John really liked how the dad was played by Nic Cage. I give it an 8/10, which is much more than the 'professional' critics gave it. Some people...
I still had my gripes with it though. The girl for example, was a little too stereotypical for a teenage girl, then again Dad said, in a non-Christian household it's rather accurate (and of course, they're cavemen), and the family's early believes seemed rather... I dunno, but it felt like they went a little further to convince you that their old beliefs were obviously wrong, but maybe it's just me.

My favorite part of the movie? There was absolutely no Kissing! Whatsoever! Finally a movie that can convey the emotion without smacking lips (then again, they are cavemen, so maybe it wasn't invented yet... haha) ("They did come close though, till the dad [intervened]", quote John).

I really recommend the movie. It's awesome!
Now then, John wants the computer, and then someone's gonna play minecraft with the other two.

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  1. See?! The Croods is amazing, what did I tell you?! :)



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