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Steve's Birthday

So, as of today, Steve has joined us in the ranks of teenhood (or insanity in general). He's already started to act surly. But he's still the wacky bumbling boy we so very accurately portrayed in lozoot (still in development h*** BTW). Therefore, now he can watch me type. -.- I'll have to stay confidential.

Unfortunately, things weren't so hot. Mom tried to make a double layer cake, and it went fine, I guess. In the end we decided to say it represented an icy landscape wrecked by a DBZ battle. It was yummy, though knowing Steve I thought he would have wanted a round cake with Kirby's face on it... and now he's giving me the death look, so I'll leave it at that.

John has gotten into his first Anime (besides Lovely Idol); Gurren Lagann. Yay. He was attracted by the big mecha fights and the story. But the Show was made by Gainax (of Evangelion fame, go figure). I am very worried, because Gainax invented several tropes that aren't exactly appropriate. ...The main Heroine might as well be wearing a Bikini... He only really cares about the story and the Mecha fights, and as his bro, I trust him. I just wouldn't watch the show as much. We saw some of a big movie finale when we were in the guesthouse in Kanchanaburi, so we already know how it ends, and it's Bittersweet. Makes watching the show when it was still young kind of strange. (It only had 27 episodes, but whatever). I dunno, it leaves  a strange aftertaste at the back of my head that I really don't like... Then again that's the case with Animes. They hit or miss, and for me, it grazed me. Don't like the fanservice or the ending, but John can do what he wants, to an extent anyway. He's almost done watching it.

EDIT: I was forced to rework the former paragraph after a Critical Analysis given by John

I am looking forward to tomorrow; Steve's first day as a fully pledged Teenager!
Pictures are still coming...

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