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Steve's Birthday pt II

Remember how I mentioned how anxious I was about the post office? Well... What we were waiting for came.
STEVE HAS HIS OWN 3DS! And his own Pokemon game to go with it! Unfortunately John wasn't wearing a shirt so I'm not uploading any pictures :/. If we ever get around to getting Kid Icarus, I may be able to do some online gaming! If he lets me. We're working together on buying the game anyway.

So Steve is playing with it and loving it... and now I want one. Dad has been quick to assure me and John that the chances of us getting our own are slim, so I'll probably have to wait for a Holiday or something. But then I want that Xbox controller... Oh well.

Going out for a walk, and yes this post is short.

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVE!!!!!! :D lots of manly rainbows and flowers on your special day.

    You boys planning to get Oot3D for his 3ds?


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